La S.A. Produits Habi est une PME familiale active depuis 1914 dans le domaine de la fabrication de conserves alimentaires de qualité (boîtes, bocaux, barquettes pour micro-ondes et poches DOYPACK).


HABI is a family company active since 1614 in the production of quality food preserves, as well under the label HABI as under PRIVATE LABEL.

The HABI preserves are prepared following traditional recipes, without use of colouring matters, preservatives or taste enhances.  No presence of genetic modified organisms.   The traceability and the respect of HACCP regulations are of greatest importance.  BRC certification was delivered since 2002 by the organism PROCERT.

HABI employs 15 tot 25 persons, depending on seasons.

Zone Industrielle Nord
Avenue Lavoisier 15
B-1300 Wavre
Tel : 0032 10 24 24 44
Fax : 00 32 10 24 25 73
Email: habi@habi.be / info@habi.be